[FMR0013] Temor Hamid | Dubstyla

Cover Dubstyla

[FMR0013] Temor Hamid | Dubstyla

Temor Hamid | Dubstyla

  1. Dubstyla (Original Mix)
  2. Dubstyla (True Anomaly Remix)
  3. Dubstyla (Monogramm Remix)
  • Artists: Temor Hamid, True Anomaly, Monogramm
  • Release: FMR0013
  • Release Medium: Digital
  • Release Date: 2013-09-24
Cover Dubstyla

In Kabul born..

Munich based DJ, producer, remixer, long years owner of “U-turn” recordstore, also as promoter, Temor Hamid was an important man to Evolve in Passau (Germany) the electronic music scene. he promoted events and leaded his recordstore over 4 years. Laterly he was moving to Berlin, where he expanded his musician horisonts. He was travelling to Nepal to the Himalaya and Indien, from where he tookes a loads of inspirations into his currently oriental dark techno sound. Temor’s musician – Persian and Indian – roots produces in combination with the German techno school a nice musical aura in his latest productions (also in his DJ sets). The orient is always subgrooving in his music. Dubstyla’s nrg is definitely for the technofloor. Remixes by the german minimal project, Monogram and by the Mexican project True Anomay.

Temor Hamid