[FMR0021] Der Freak | Kisses from Berlin

Cover Kisses from Berlin

[FMR0021] Der Freak | Kisses from Berlin

  1. Kisses from Berlin (Little DirtPig Rework)
  2. Unknown Direction (Digitale Demenz Remix)
  3. Open Your Eyes (Der Freak Remix)
  • Artists: Der Freak
  • Release: FMR0021
  • Release Medium: Digital
  • Release Date: 2014-03-08
Cover Kisses from Berlin

Kisses from Berlin..

Der Freak delivers three solid minimal tracks with his signature distinctive sound. This aural journey begins with his own title track Kisses From Berlin complimented with remixes by his sub-project Digitale Demenz which calls for us to open Your Mind & Eyes. Kisses From Berlin is grooving from the beginning to end, with one powerful layer balanced out beautifully with undercurrents of strong back melodies and basslines. The drum patterns are complex and shine through perfectly while synchronized with all other elements of the track . To break the tension of Kisses.. we are taken on a seductive journey with Unknown Direction and the Digitale Demenz remix. Digitale Demenz is a subproject by him with Fran Cee. A nice harmonic project (Yes we are going to uncharted waters, you dare to join us ?) We finish our journey with a remix of his own project Digitale Demenz. The EP is a Freaking-tastic Journey from beginning to end a must for all Freaks out there. We send you Kisses from Berlin

Der Freak