[FMR0023] Kemp & Thompson | Desolat

Cover Desolat

[FMR0023] Kemp & Thompson | Desolat

Kemp & Thompson | Desolat

  1. Breakage (Original Mix)
  2. Desolat (Original Mix)
  3. Desolat (Tomas Kerata Remix)
  4. Desolat (Corvin Dalek Remix)
  5. Desolat (Smoky Mirror Remix)
  • Artists: Kemp & Thompson, Corvin Dalek, Tomas Kerata, Smoky Mirror
  • Release: FMR0023
  • Release Medium: Digital
  • Release Date: 2014-05-27
Cover Desolat

Production from Mexico

by Alfredo Baillet’s House interpretation, Kemp & Thompson (KaT).

As Alfredo with his main well known act True Anomaly focusing more on the vision of techno, with KaT he brings perfectly the house vibes of the playa onto the dancefloor. The two original compositions giving us a nice idea about the force beyond KaT’s sound. Expanding the spectrum of the originals, we added 3 more remixes, by label founder Corvin Dalek & his electronic, deep house side project Smoky Mirror. As a nice surprise we got a very interesting and powerful tech house remix by the London based Slovakian Tomas Kerata (his first released remix at all).

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