[FMR0028] Majed | Pull

Cover Pull

[FMR0028] Majed | Pull

  1. Pull (Original Mix)
  2. Pull (Der Freak’s Freakwork)
  3. Pull (Corvin Dalek Remix)
  4. Pull (Smoky Mirror Remix)
  • Artists: Majed, Der Freak, Corvin Dalek, Smoky Mirror
  • Release: FMR0028
  • Release Medium: Digital
  • Release Date: 2014-11-24
Cover Pull

Majed’s ..

Tech-House single with 3 more remixes by Der Freak, Corvin Dalek and Smoky Mirror.
Majed’s native elements are perfect arranged into a progressive tech house track, which is animating the nervsystem to move onto the dancefloor. The remixes expanding the spectrum of the sound to put technoid, trippy and even dreamy elements to get a full ep round.