[FMR0029] Corvin Dalek | Young People (Rmxs)

Cover Young People

[FMR0029] Corvin Dalek | Young People (Rmxs)

Corvin Dalek | Young People (Rmxs)

  1. Young People (Original Mix)
  2. Young People (Trekbor Remix)
  3. Young People (Ed Whitty Remix)
  4. Young People (Humbek Remix)
  5. Young People (DJ Klang’s Sound Lab Acid Remix)
  6. Young People (Omar Labastida Remix)
  7. Young People (Kemp&Thompson’s Hydrophonic Remix)
  8. Young People (True Anomaly Remix)
  9. Young People (Sugarfactory Remix)
  10. Young People (Temor Hamid Remix)
  11. Young People (DJ Pat’s Acid Not Cocaine Remix)
  • Artists: Corvin Dalek, Trekbor, Ed WHitty, Humbek, DJ Klang, Omar Labastida, Kemp&Thompson, True Anomaly, Sugarfactory, Temor hamid, DJ Pat
  • Release: FMR0029
  • Release Medium: Digital
  • Release Date: 2014-12-08

The Original ..

was produced by Corvin Dalek & Jan Kessler in 2002 and came out in 2003 on Corvin’s L.P. I am a Dalek (only on CD).

Two years later was released on Vinyl (Flesh) with DJ Klang’s Mui Horny Latinas remix. As Flesh has adjusted the production in 2007 the Original Version was never repressed and released again yet.

After 11 Years we’re releasing it – remastered – with all the unreleased mixes and edits in digital format for the first time ever! The latest remixes came in 2014 by the Latino techno-cartel: Trekbor, DJ Klang, Kemp & Thompson, True Anomaly, Omar Labastida, Humbek, Ed Whitty, Temor Hamid and DJ Pat.

Corvin Dalek