[FMR0031] Temor Hamid | Swila

Cover Swila

[FMR0031] Temor Hamid | Swila

Temor Hamid | Swila

  1. Swila (Metamorphose Mix)
  2. Swila (True Anomaly Remix)
  3. Swila (Tomas Kerata’s Toker Remix)
  4. Swila (Smoky Mirror’s NuDance Remix)
  • Artists: Temor Hamid, True Anomaly, Smoky Mirror, Tomas Kerata
  • Release: FMR0031
  • Release Medium: Digital
  • Release Date: 2014-12-18
Cover Swila

Swila, a cry or a spell?

We don’t know, but the voice, what the Persian artist using, calls very powerful for a prompt dance ritual.

Temor Hamid
In Munich based Temor Hamid’s productions have a kind of deep and dark drive, sounds like he would connect his listeners to another special dimension. Nonconventional, with the right pinch of creative craziness could be described the whole production. The Original version came out already in March these year, on the Mexican label, Central Dogma Records. After couple of months good feedbacks Temor has just decided to update the Original into a more DJ friendly atmospheric and deeper result, titled it as the Metamorphose Mix. The three Remixes are exploring the possibilities around the Original. A very Krafty True Anomaly remix creating a strong ambience with a right portion of industrial techno energy, mixed with straight, spunky, orthodox techno rhythm. Tomas Kerata continues obviously with his smart productions, here with the Toker remix he’s lending a nice Tech House ride into these project. Smoky Mirror’s NuDance version, taking a completely different direction from darkness and techno, experimenting rather with a postmodern musical soundscape to invite them who likes more the melodies in dance music.
[FMR0031] Temor Hamid | Swila